Verifying Tickets purchased from "WeverseShop"

1. Navigate to the VenewLive concert page that advertises the concert you purchased a ticket for.

2. Press Log-in at top right corner. This will give you a WeVerse login. Log in using the same email address that you used to purchase your ticket at the WeverseShop. Note that your ticket cannot be verified or authenticated if you purchased your ticket using a different WeVerse account.

3.  If you try to log in too many times to WeVerse in a short period of time, it will show an error message. Please wait for a while then try it again. You might need to check or reset your password.

4. Once you login for the first time, You will be asked to set your nickname to be used in the Chat Room. You can select any name you want. However, if the nickname is taken already by another user, you should choose a different name. 

4. Please press "Verify WeverseShop Ticket" to Verify the Ticket that you purchased.

5. If the verification process was successful, you will see a Check Mark at the top right corner in your profile, and are now ready to watch the show when it goes live. If the validation didn't work, please double check that you are validating the ticket using the same email address that WeVerse has on record (e.g. the one they sent you a purchase validation on). If it isn't successful, make sure you are using the correct WeVerse account. If you are still having trouble, please contact WeVerseShop

6. The Enter button for the concert will be activated 30-60 mins prior to the start of the show

7. If you authenticated your ticket on one platform (e.g. your phone), you should be verified across any platform once you login to Venew.

8. If you are still having trouble, contact us at